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Netcompcs, Inc. established in 1989 with the purpose of offering security and programming services to small family owned businesses and individual computer user needs. We stay on target constantly sharpening our methods in an ever changing environment .

Netcompcs, Inc. was established in Warrenton, Virginia in 1989.  In 1997, we out-grew our location and moved to Culpeper, Virginia. We have been in Virginia with our customer base for over 29 years and have provided a number of different services for them. We have customers all across the country that send in their computers for repair and servicing. Some of our services include: virus removal, programming, repair, servicing, upgrading & software repair and migration. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable computer repair and service. All items that we offer for sale in our store have been personally reviewed; either by myself or one of our technicians. We test and install all hardware ourselves. Whether you are purchasing at our location in Culpeper or directly from us on the internet, items that don’t pass our quality control don’t get sold. We will assist you in installation of hardware whether purchased here or from a competitor. If you have any questions as to whether an item can be added onto your computer, please do not hesitate to come by our store. We are here to help everyone with their computer issues and concerns.

Why choose us

We treat your pc as if it was ours. We give you honest answers and options. I always tell my customers if it was my pc and I was in this situation this is what I would do. We will always try to over come all obstacles that your pc throws at our techs. When customers bring us a computer that is vital and the software cannot be erased because it runs a CNC machine or specialized piece of hardware that cannot be feasibly programmed in this is where we excel. We have learned that erasing a pc is not always the best option. The history of the problem lies within and so does the answer. We know that what ever attacked it is going to revisit this pc when it gets back online.


Working professionally on pcs since 1984. This is all we do. We have assisted government agencies and contractors getting right the first time. We still have customers that go back 15- over 20 years that still use us. They are grown with us and are part of our family of customers.


PC’s are very temperamental. It is important to approach the issue your are experiencing correctly the first time. Skill and mastery is only by doing tasks continuously and overcoming the issues. When a customer brings us a problem that they have never seen be assured that we have probably encountered that situation before and have a better understanding than most on how to overcome it.


We are stickler to only use the best hardware choices. Whether it is a screen replacement or replacement hard disk. We choose what we would use in our pc. We know that when cheap hardware is installed it never lasts. This is why when a part fails due to the manufacturer installing an inferior component we always offer our customers an alternative. We want our repair to last too.


We sell new and used pc’s and macs. All used machines come with a warranty or replace of similar value. We also guarantee our replacement parts.

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Our customers continue to return to us even when they have moved out of state. We care and know every one of them. They know that their personal information is safe. Gabriel Dasilva had a top-secret clearance when he was serving our country and he brings that need to know attitude to your pc.

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